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RSCDS Southwest Washington State Branch Membership

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Download the 2018-2019 RSCDS Southwest Washington State Branch membership form here.

You may print and complete the form and mail payment.

OR, You may complete the form electronically, save the form, email it to , and pay online with PayPal here:

2018-19 Branch Membership

Benefits of Southwest Washington State Branch Membership

Members of other RSCDS branches are encouraged to join SWWS Branch as a Secondary Branch Member.

If you are not yet ready for full membership, you can join at the Affiliate level to receive our newsletter and Branch notifications.

In any case, we would love to have you in our midst and will do our best to make it a happy partnership.

RSCDS Branch Dinner Dance! The Branch hosted the annual 2015 Dinner Dance for members and guests.

Scottish Dance Video. Portland and SWWS branch dancers were surprised and delighted by a chance encounter with a Sasquatch!

Benefits of RSCDS Membership (taken from the RSCDS website )

RSCDS members play a valuable role in helping to leave a legacy for future generations. Membership fees help the Society to train teachers, continue its work with schools and young people, run and administer examinations and produce recordings and printed material to complement those activities. This vital support means the RSCDS is able to preserve a tradition and maintain a consistency that makes Scottish country dancing the same throughout the world.
Anyone can join the RSCDS. Active dancers are encouraged to join through one of the Society's 158 Branches worldwide, so that they are in touch with what is happening in their area, but direct membership through RSCDS Headquarters is also an option.

The many benefits of membership include:

Other, perhaps less tangible, reasons for joining are:

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