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January/February 2010

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Message From the Chair
by Linda Mae Dennis

Here we are at the beginning of another calendar year, yet right in the middle of another dancing year. Somehow flipping a page on the calendar, and adding a number to the accumulation of years helps us reflect on what has been, and consider what might be.

This is the time when we think about resolutions. We say them out loud or write them down to make them real. But perhaps resolution is too strong a word. It suggests dogged stubbornness, which perhaps we don't possess. Maybe a better word is goal. Setting a goal and working toward it. If there is a setback, the goal is still out there. You pick yourself up and start over and continue toward the goal until it is achieved. If a resolution is broken it seems we have to wait until the calendar flips again before we can make another attempt.

So instead of resolving to be a better dancer (which I assume is on everyone's list) (and does in fact, take a lot of dogged determination, through a series of achievable goals) we should probably set manageable goals for ourselves to work toward. Naturally, everyone's goals will be different - 'for three months I'm going to work on improving my turn out', or 'by the Dinner Dance I'm going to be able to dance a whole dance from just a brief'. Luckily, since we're in the middle of the dancing year, we can set lots of little goals for ourselves and don't have to be beset by grand resolutions.

And, of course, there are individual goals and collective goals.

As a Branch, one of our goals for the year needs to be to find new / different / better ways to make money. I wrote about this in the last newsletter. Since I got no response, it's likely that I've gone about it wrong. Perhaps instead of asking a grand and nebulous question, I should set an achievable goal.

How about this - sometime in the next two months all interested parties should meet to brainstorm how to make money for the Branch. The first thing I'll need is a list of interested parties, and then we'll need to find a meeting date that works for all of us. So your goal is to decide if you're interested in helping find ways to make money, and let me know by January 15th.

Little steps.

SCD Classes in the New Year

Here's the lineup of the classes currently offered around Clark County. As you will no doubt notice, classes started this week at the Marshall, Firstenburg, and Battle Ground Community Ed Centers. So, now is an excellent time to sign up (if you haven't already done so).

Vancouver, Marshall Center, 1009 E. McLoughlin Blvd
Vancouver-Clark Parks & Recreation 360-487-7100 www.ci.vancouver.wa.us/parks-recreation

Scottish Country Dance for Everyone, 65985, Wednesday 7:45-9:00pm, Elm Room, Jan 13, 8 wk session

Beginning Celtic Tap, Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm, Oak Room, Jan 12, 8 wk session

Intermediate Celtic Tap, Tuesday 6:30-7:30pm, Oak Room, Jan 12, 8 wk session

Vancouver, Firstenburg Community Center, 700 NE 136th Ave
Vancouver-Clark Parks & Recreation 360-487-7001 www.ci.vancouver.wa.us/parks-recreation

Family Scottish Country Dance, Friday 7:30-8:55pm, Aerobics/Dance Studio, Jan 15, 7 wks, $39

East Clark County Community Education 360-954-3838 www.camas.wednet.edu/district/teaching_learning/community_ed.htm

Family Basic Scottish Country Dance, TBD
Contact Geri, 360-834-3757

Battle Ground, Maple Grove Primary School, 610 A SW Eaton Boulevard
Battle Ground Community Education 360-885-6584 www.bgsd.k12.wa.us/cmd/

Scottish Country Dance, Thursday 7pm, Rm varies, please call
Contact Liza, 360-887-1888

Vancouver, Columbia Dance Center, 1700 Broadway

Level 3 Scottish Country Dance, 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, 7:30-8:30pm
Contact Marge, 360-892-4366

Kelso, Catlin Center, 106 NW 8th Ave
Longview Parks & Recreation 360-442-5400 mylongview.com/parks_rec

Basic Scottish Country Dance, 1st and 3rd Sundays 7:00-9:00pm
Contact Linda, 360-578-7893
Please call or email before coming, to verify there are no changes in date.


Basic Scottish Country Dance, Friday 7:00-9:00 pm, starts 9/18
Contact LindaMae


Calendar of Events

Jan 25, 2010: Robert Burns' Birthday
Just so you know: this most famous of Scottish poets was born this day in 1759. You may notice a flurry of Burns Suppers and other Burns-related events around town, this time of year!
Jan 30: Burns Supper/Dance, Eugene
Hosted by the Eugene Scottish Country Dancers
Haggis and Sliced Roast Beef Supper

6:00 to 10:00 p.m.
Veteran's Memorial Building, Upstairs Ballroom
1625 Willamette, Eugene, OR

Registration info: (541) 484-0172
Feb 13: Portland Monthly SCD Dance
7:30pm Tigard Grange, 13770 SW Pacific Hwy., Tigard.
The Program:
    Machine Without Horses  BJ  Bk 12
    The Falkirk Lass        IS  Merse Coll.
    Tomalena                BR  Gratiot/Douglas
    Muirland Willie         IJ  Bk 21
    The Silver Tassie       BS  Drewry
    The Montgomeries' Rant  IR  Bk 10
    The Craven Jig          IJ  Haynes
    The Valentine           BS  5 for 2009
    Mrs. Mcleod             IR  Bk 6
    The Isle of Bute        BJ  McMurtry
    Argyll Strathspey       IS  Bk 35
    The Reel of the 51st Division  BR  Bk 13
Feb 20: International Dance Potpourri
Luepke Center
1009 E. McLoughlin Blvd.
Vancouver, WA.
7 - 10 pm, $7 at the door
Mar 13: Portland Workshop and Ball
More details soon!
Apr 17: VancouverUSA 25th Annual Dinner Dance
Please join us for an "auspicious" event: our first dinner/dance as the Southwest Washington State Branch of the RSCDS!

At the beautiful Fairgate Inn Bed and Breakfast, 2213 NW 23rd Ave., Camas, Wa. 98607
The semi-formal evening will begin with an early catered dinner at 4 pm, followed by the dance which will conclude around 10 pm.
The musicians for the evening will be Elke Baker, fiddle, and Lisa Scott, piano.

The Program:
      Tillamook Tides           J  Boehmer-Cameo 4
      Silver Tassie             S  Leaflet
      Mairi's Wedding           R  Cosh - 22 SCD
      The Luckenbooth Brooch    J  Foss-Glendarroch
      Moment of Truth           S  Bk 37
      Loch Leven Castle         R  Bk 21
      Follow Me Home            J  Bk 38
      Miss Gibson's Strathspey  S  Leaflet
      The Fireside Reel         R  SCDs of 18th Cent.
      Trip to Gatlinburg           J  S. Tang - Leaflet
      Delvine Side                 S  Bk 2
      The Montgomeries' Rant       R  Bk 10
      The Nurseryman               J  Bk 37
      Cherrybank Gardens           S  Leaflet
      The Reel of the Royal Scots  R  Leaflet
      Oslo (Circle) Waltz
Complete information, including registration form, is available on the web page or in class; or you may request a flyer by emailing .

What is the name of a Scottish cloak room attendant?
Willie Angus McCoatup.
(Try it again, faster... it may take a minute...)

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